The Romanian Black Sea

Travel to the Black Sea

A beach in RomaniaTopless!!! That’s the key word for the Romanian Black Sea Coast. And that’s why nobody complains about crowded beaches. You can already start packing, because the fun starts on May 1st with thousands of students who gather there for a couple of days of wild partying, and ends at in late September or early October, if God gives a hand with the weather. If you have in mind a vacation spent in a 5 star hotel yes, there are some good ones to recommend you, but it’s better to go on budget and feel the same as all Romanian and European youngsters who are there summer after summer. A two or three star hotel right on the beach will do it and avoid expensive restaurants. Their food is not as fresh as the one you can get for next to nothing in the eateries that are used by students and families. If you think fancy about food, maybe the Romanian Riviera is not the best place for you to be. But if you like simple, healthy, stakes, soups, salads and Balkan dishes, yes, you’ve got to go there. Locals eat also lots of fresh fish and you can go, too for “guvizi”. They come deep fried in oil with garlic sauce. Trust us: it’s addictive and it’s worth being there just for their taste.

What to do on the Black Sea Coast?

Sunbath, lunch, afternoon beauty sleep, disco clubs, binge drinking and whatever makes you feel alive because that’s where you will start feeling it.

When to go?

Good for visiting from early May to early October, but best in June, July, August and September.

How to get there?

By air: go to Constanta airport. See the national and international flight schedule at Constanta Airport HERE.

By train: Constanta is just 2 hours and half away from Bucharest by train. Trains also stop in all resorts.

By car: If you rent a car make sure you leave in the morning and have lots of water with you. At noon everything is moving slow because all Bucharest aboard the motorcade to the sea side.

Using taxis: Do not, and we repeat do not take cabs! They are the real sharks of the Black Sea who developped the ability to live on dry land! Go as everyone else in the micro-buses that are moving people around. They are cheap and safe. Read HERE to know more about Romanian private taxi drivers.

Where to stay?

The Black Sea Coast offers you a wide range of possibilities from low budget 2 star hotels to luxurious 5 star hotels. Click HERE to check out hotels in Constanta County.

Useful tips and links

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